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Luxury wedding in Naples, Florida

Special Events Insurance

If you are planning a wedding, baby shower, fundraiser, race, or other social event, you may need insurance beyond what is covered by the venue or homeowners' insurance. Protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances like venue or caterer cancellations, bad weather, or injuries to guests and participants.  Insurance can also cover lost, stolen, or damaged valuables like rings, gifts, and wedding dresses. 

When it comes to Florida special event insurance it’s no secret a good policy is hard to find in this challenging insurance market. However, picking the right insurance agent that works hard to find you the best is important. We have a team of insurance professionals that will answer your calls and emails and make you feel important. 

Janus Insurance Group is eager to be your insurance agent of choice. Reach out to us today to see what options we can offer to ensure your special day is worry-free.

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